Logan Framing Tools

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Gerry Bishop
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Logan Framing Tools

I'm no longer making my own wooden picture frames, so I'd like my high-quality Logan framing tools to find a new home.

After cutting your frame pieces with a miter saw, these are all the tools you'll need for professional quality assembly. All the accessories I received with the tools are included, along with some supplies that you will need (nails, tape, etc,)

All of the tools shown are in perfect working condition and show just minor signs of use.

I've priced all the tools well below the lowest prices I could find on eBay, so this is a good opportunity to get into your own framing at minimal cost.

You're of course welcome to come a look at the tools, and I'll even show you how easy they are to use.

The asking prices are as follows:
Fitting tool: $20
Joiner: $100
Precision sander: $100